I recently started working on prompts from the Daily UI design challenge. It’s been really fun so far, and it’s always nice to work on a project that you get complete control over. We do a lot of team-focused design projects in my department, and there are definitely strengths in that sort of effort. It’s great how much I get to learn from my coworkers and my art director. But I can’t lie that it’s been nice to be “in charge” so to speak when it comes to creating design work for these prompts.

As always with design work, there are successful ideas and some not-so-successful ideas. But I’m hoping that by working through these 100 prompts that it will help me to grow as a designer and to stretch outside my comfort zone. And hopefully to increase my speed when it comes to brainstorming and creating a rough mock-up.

A sample of the things that I’ve made so far: 


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