Hello! I’m Lacey. I have a passion for design with a purpose. I like all things colorful, experiential, and engaging. In 2011 I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography. During my first few years of work experience after university, I discovered my love of art and design. After three years, I moved to Chicago and joined Groupon as one of their image designers, and then transitioned to the role of associate visual designer. During my off-time, I work on commissions or personal projects.

When I’m not designing or drawing, I enjoy writing, reading, taking my dog to the park, and coffee shops. I have also been known to play a game or two of Dungeons & Dragons.


It’s easy for your message to get lost among the crowd. It’s why high-quality design is so important and why I offer compelling and attention-grabbing work to single your message out from the rest. Whether you need marketing materials, an updated logo, or a fresh newsletter template, I can help with that.


Editorial illustration is my passion. Infographic animation is an obsession. If you’ve got an illustration project, I’ve got an idea for it. I offer fun and engaging illustrations to most effectively convey the message of your choice to your target audience. Let’s tell a story together.


From black-and-white film to large format cameras to the latest DSLRs – I’ve got the training. My experience ranges from studio work all the way to goods imagery. In need of a designer with the expert know-how to operate a high-end camera or set up studio lighting? I’ve got you covered.


Need some basic coding done along with your design work? Or maybe you just require a designer who can also conceptualize what is or isn’t possible when combining design work with code. Either way, I have that little extra back-end knowledge to make your project go even more smoothly.